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What is Pregnancy Calculator?

A pregnant woman must know the development of the baby in her womb and she must know about her weekly or monthly improvements in her pregnancy. This is informed by calculating the days through pregnancy calculator. One can easily calculate the pregnancy due date, gestational period, etc by using a pregnancy calculator.

Pregnancy Calendar Week By Week

Exciting time for women in her life is pregnancy time so it is very necessary for her to know about the development and progress of the baby and what all expected since the first trimester till the birth on calendar tools. By tracking these weekly updates a woman can understand the changes happening in her body until nine months and can welcome the new member to the family.

First Trimester
1st week to 13th week

Second Trimester
14th week to 26th week

Third Trimester
27th week to 40th week

Is it necessary to know the exact week of pregnancy?

Everything about pregnancy determined by ultrasound examination, delivery due date, blood tests. Any certain important situations identified and learning about what is normal and exact time for procedures to be completed. What is actually normal at 24th week cannot be normal at the 30th week. Tests which performed at 20th week should not perform at 16th weeks because it may cause incorrect results.

How to calculate important information week-by-week of your pregnancy?

Pregnancy calculator shows the exact week of pregnancy, what all changes happening in the body, information about the development of the baby. Enter the due date and note down other information to calculate daily and weekly pregnancy dates.

To create a calendar week by week from the following options given below:

  • Week Counting: Following new developments on all days and weeks.
  • Everyday Count up: Counting the days of pregnancy covered.
  • Everyday Countdown: Counting the remaining days left for the due date.
  • Fetus Weight: Available in grams or ounces.
  • Ultrasound measurements: AC, HC, FL, BPD.

Is gaining the recommended weight during pregnancy is important?

If the weight gained by the pregnant women is less than the recommended weight then there are chances of delivering a baby who is too small. Babies born too small will have difficulties such as high risk of illness, experience developmental hold up and even difficulties in breastfeeding.

Gaining more weight in pregnancy than the recommended, it is interconnected with delivering babies who are too large. There are many complications seen such as obesity in childhood, cesarean delivery or other delivery complications. It can also lead to the cause of obesity to a woman after delivering the baby.

What precautions taken to gain the recommended weight during pregnancy?

  • Start working out at the beginning and every day throughout pregnancy period with a health care professional to meet the recommended weight gain.
  • Tracking the weight gain throughout pregnancy at the beginning and even regular tracking is also necessary.
  • A balanced diet is necessary.
  • Limit added solid fats and sugars
  • Calorie needs and works accordingly to match the needs of your calories or maintaining by performing a moderate aerobic activity for a minimum of 2 and a half hours per week. Example: brisk walking.


Back Pain in Pregnancy
Back Pain in Pregnancy

Many women experience back pain during pregnancy. Although pregnancy is a fulfilling experience for a woman, it is also a time of immense emotional and physical chaos. Having back pain on top of all that will be the last thing that helps.

Nutrition for pregnancy
Nutrition for pregnancy

Eat the Rainbow – It is to say that include all variety and colors of foods.This will balance your diet both before and during pregnancy. It’s the time for thinking about proper nourishment of you and your baby. Since,during pregnancy,you are eating for two then, you must take nutrient dense diet.

Iron supplement
Iron supplement

Renna’s pregnancy was going well when all of sudden she got a diagnosis and found pregnancy anemia….She amazed, How could this be possible. After all, she was taking a perfect pregnancy diet and taking best natural prenatal. Even, she is not a vegetarian.

Homeopathy for fat loss
Homeopathy for fat loss

Homeopathy for fat loss is an effective method of getting rid of excessive fat. Homeopathic medicines are safe and effective. They improve digestion and metabolism to burn the deposited fat.. Homeopathic remedies help to enhance energy. If you take care of diet and nutrition, it is easy to lose weight by taking homeopathic medicines.