Uric acid- a waste product eliminated by the human body

uric acid


Uric acid is a main excretory product in birds, insects and reptiles. It is an insoluble compound and produced by the metabolism of the nitrogenous product. This is a kind of waste product which is created during the breakdown of purines. Purine is a naturally occurring substance present in food such as dried beans. Whenever the breakdown of purine takes place, then uric acid is released into the bloodstream. The kidney has the function to filter the blood by eliminating this substance through urine.

 The normal level of Uric acid in the blood

On an average, the normal level of uric acid is 2.4-6.0 mg/dl in case of females. On the other hand, this ranges from 3.4 to 7.0 mg/dl in the case of males. When its level rises beyond 7 mg/dl in blood then, it may generate a condition known as hyperuricemia. The excess of uric acid in the bloodstream is usually called hyperuricemia.

Why is the elimination necessary?

 Actually, uricase is an enzyme which converts uric acid to allantoin. Allantoin is a water-soluble compound which easily eliminated through urine. Unfortunately, humans do not have this enzyme. Although, all other mammals have this enzyme in their body.

Overproduction of uric acid plays a significant role in emerging human diseases. Therefore, it is very necessary that it got eliminated from the body as soon as possible otherwise, it can give an invitation to various chronic diseases. The most common among them is Gout.


The accumulation of urate crystals on the joints is known as Gout. It is a most common form of arthritis (inflammation of joints). It causes stiffness, inflammation and intense pain in the joints. This disease occurs when there is an excess of uric acid in the blood. Sometimes, either body produces a large amount of uric acid or kidney excretes less amount of it. Both the conditions favour the increase in its level in the blood. This enhances the building up of needle-like urate crystals in joints. As a result, a person suffers from the pain, swelling and stiffness associated with gout.


How to reduce the uric acid level in blood?

There are certain ways by which uric acid can be reduced in the bloodstream. Below mentioned are some of the ways by which its level can be decreased.

1. Reduce the consumption of Purine-rich food

As uric acid is the last product which is left after the metabolism of purine. Therefore, less consumption of purine-rich food can contribute in declining its level in the blood. Although purine is a naturally occurring substance in the body, it is also obtained from certain foods. Food such as mushrooms, red meat and fermented products are the rich sources of purine. Therefore, reduction in consuming such food products can result in a decrease in the level of uric acid in the blood.

2. Consumption of Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a vital role in eliminating this substance from the body. High consumption of vitamin C can manage the excess amount of uric acid. A clinical study also suggests that people taking Vitamin C rich diet are observed to have less amount of uric acid in their body. Even, a recent study proved that people consuming Vitamin C have fewer chances of getting gout attacks.

3. Consumption of food enriched with high fibers.

Fruits, vegetables and whole grain products are the richest sources of high fibers. The fibers present in the food has the property to absorb the uric acid present in the bloodstream. This facilitates the elimination of this substance from the body. Thus, contributing in managing its level in the blood. High consumption of such food can improve the process of elimination. Therefore, they are highly recommended by the doctors to manage the level of uric acid in the body

4. Consumption of apple cider vinegar

Everyone knows the preservative property of the vinegar. It has been used to add flavour to the food for thousands of years. But it is interesting to note that, vinegar can also be used to reduce the level of uric acid in the blood. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, potassium and various minerals. It has the potential to break the urate crystals accumulated on the joints. This also prevents the episodes of recurrence by improving the process of blood circulation and purification. It increases the flexibility of the joints by reducing the inflammation. Therefore, consumption of apple cider vinegar can play a significant role in decreasing the level of uric acid.

5. Avoid intake of alcohol

Alcohol seems to have a direct relationship with the increase in the level of uric acid. Actually, alcohol does not allow it to get eliminated from the body. These molecules bind to the molecules of uric acid and hence prevent their elimination. This lead to an increase in its level in the body. Therefore, a person suffering from the disease associated with an excess of urate, should not consume it. Because it can put them at the highest risk.


It is quite right to say that, the excess of uric acid in the human body is very harmful. It can put a person at the risk of life-threatening conditions. Gout and kidney stone are some common diseases caused by the increase in its level. It is very necessary to eliminate the excess of this substance from the body. In fact, there are various ways by which the level of uric acid can be managed. So every person should take care of their diet in order to protect themselves from such conditions.







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