Homeopathic remedies for Emphysema

What is Emphysema? Emphysema is a disease of the lungs. In this disease, the air sacs become enlarged and damaged due to which a person has difficulty in breathing. The condition will become worse if quick treatment is not taken. Homeopathy offers a safe and effective treatment because homeopathic remedies offer quick results and there […]

Homeopathic Remedies for Lichen Planus

What is Lichen Planus? It is an autoimmune disease. It affects the skin and a recurrent rash occurs on the skin due to inflammation.  A rash may be small, flat and have many-sided bumps. The rash grows together and forms scaly plaques on the skin. It is a chronic disorder. In conventional treatment, corticosteroids are […]

Homeopathic Treatment for Gangrene

Gangrene is described as necrosis or death of body tissue. The deficient supply of blood and infection are the main causes of gangrene. There are different health problems that may dispose a person to gangrene. In a conventional system, there is no cure for gangrene. Homeopathic treatment for gangrene is safe and effective and produces […]

Psoriasis Treatment in Homeopathy

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition in which skin cells grow too rapidly. The skin becomes thick, white, silvery, and red. It most often occurs on the knees, elbows, scalp, hands, feet, and lower back. It is an autoimmune disorder but there are some risk factors that may trigger the condition. In the conventional system, […]

Treatment of Asthma by Homeopathy

Asthma is a chronic respiratory infection in which the air tubes through which air flow in and out of the lungs get inflamed. The bronchial tubes become swollen and inflamed due to which there is difficulty in breathing. People with a weak immune system are more susceptible to suffer from this infection.  There is no […]

Arsenic Album- Homeopathic medicine, uses, benefits

Arsenic album is a wonderful homeopathic medicine. It has different uses. It is indicated for every organ and system in the body. The medicine has several benefits; therefore it is used successfully by the homeopathic doctors. It is used for gastric complaints, respiratory allergies, weakness, food poisoning, skin complaints, and headaches. Arsenic Album- uses, benefits […]