Tips on how to improve Gut health

A healthy gut is the door to a healthy human body. It is an obvious fact that if the input is right, output is not going to be far away from being right either. But how many of us actually realise that what we are taking as food determines what and how we perform in […]

Homeopathic remedies for Piles(Hemorrhoids)

What are piles(hemorrhoids)? Piles or hemorrhoids are swollen and inflamed veins of lower rectum and anus. The main cause of piles is straining while passing bowel movements that cause increased pressure on the veins. In the conventional system, doctors may prescribe suppository that gives temporary relief from the symptoms. In severe cases, surgery is recommended. […]

Homeopathic remedies for Alopecia

What is Alopecia? Alopecia is a condition in which hair fall from the scalp, eyebrows, beard, etc. and oval or circular bald patches are formed. It is very distressing to have bald patches on one’s head. Alopecia is a common skin disorder. No one wants to lose hair therefore, people try a number of products […]

Bariatric Surgery

What is Bariatric surgery? Bariatric surgery also called obesity surgery is an operation helping to lose the weight of the body by altering the digestive system. There are different types of bariatric surgery, some will alter small intestine-body part which absorbs nutrients and calories from beverages and foods. Some will make the stomach smaller, which […]

Oral Cancer

Laxmi, 25 year old female patient comes to the hospital with persistent reddish white lump in her mouth region (photograph above). She mainly complains of difficulty in eating and pain in that region. She had a chronic habit of tobacco chewing which she developed by observing her father and that for instance led her to […]

Remember: Chose Right Footwear

Have you chosen the right footwear? Right footwear important Every “body part” is important for survival. But there are some that we overlook for most of the time. For example, your feet! They might not be always within your reach, but sure they are the reason for your “mobile- lifestyle”. Your feet require more care […]

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a woe which almost everyone experiences. The way shoulder joint is made, it gives the largest range of motion in the body. Since it is the most mobile joint, its stability takes a hit. As the joint becomes unstable, various types of pain arise. The pain may be there when your shoulder […]

Yoga and Physiotherapy for Back Pain

Yoga for Back pain is gaining significant popularity. Age old customs of India are making a comeback. Yoga focuses on the overall well being of a person. But nowadays, people also accept it as a treatment approach of specific conditions. About Physiotherapy Physiotherapy is a healthcare field which uses specific Exercises to treat various types […]

HPV Vaccine: Effectiveness, Side Effect, Risk, Facts, Schedule

What is HPV? Human Papilloma Virus or commonly referred to as the HPV is one of the difficult viruses. And the HPV is mostly associated with Cervical cancers. HPV is a double-stranded DNA virus and is classified into various numerical types.  Types 6 and 11 are associated with 90% of cases of genital HPV warts, […]