Obesity means a state/condition of a person who is accumulated with so much body fat that causes a negative effect on their health. A person is obese if the body weight is at least 20% higher than it should be.


There are many reasons behind obesity it includes biological factors like genetics, hormones, and lifestyle, behavior, food habits of a person. Some reasons are:


Genetics plays a major role, therefore, it causes obesity in the future kids. Children of obese parents suffer from this disease but it is not solely dependent on genetics, lifestyle and food habits also matter.

Junk food

Manufacturers increase their sales by providing tasty foods to the customers. It becomes a habit for the customers and hard to resist.

Addiction to food

Addiction becomes a very complex issue due to this a person face a critical situation to overcome addiction. Junk foods are susceptible to addiction, hence causing obesity.

Availability of food

Availability of food is more, addiction will be more, eating will be more hence finally leading to obesity which is all directly proportional to each other.

Junk foods are showcased by shopkeepers which seems to be very tasty and cannot be resisted.


Certain medications are responsible for obese indirectly caused due to adverse drug reactions.

For example, some antidiabetic and antipsychotic drugs cause obesity.


Some diseases such as hypothyroidism, Cushing’s disease¬†results in making a person obese.


In the modern diet, sugar has become the worst aspect.

Body hormones and biochemistry of the body will be changed when the excess of sugar is taken.


There are some complications related. An obese person having a fat body puts the strain on muscles and bones even to internal organs, therefore, leads to inflammation inside the body. 

Complexities like,

Type 2 diabetes,

Cardiovascular diseases (heart problem),

Increased blood pressure,

Arthritis (painful inflammation and stiffness of joints),


A high amount of fat,

Gallbladder disease (caused due bile juice deficiency),

Liver complications, etc.


An obese person may experience symptoms such as,

Sleep disorder,

Dyspnea (shortness of breath),

Arthritis (especially in knee bones),

Skin problems,

Bile deficiency, etc.


Obesity is a lifelong issue because losing weight is very difficult and after losing the weight maintaining constant body weight is also a problem.

The duration will always depend on the time one takes to lose their body weight, their physical activity, treatment etc.

As the body starts reducing its weight eventually complications will improve.


The only way to prevent obesity is to maintain our body weight, lifestyle, proper healthy diet, and some physical activity regularly.

Obese leads to the formation of fat cells that lasts forever in our body because one can reduce the size of these fat cells but can never get rid of it.


BMI (BODY MASS INDEX) calculation is the method of diagnosing obesity. Body mass index depends on the height and weight of the body. If BMI is more than 30 then it is called obesity.

The second method of diagnosing is by using calipers instrument which determines the thickness of the skin.

The third method is maintaining the body shape because waist fat can cause diseases such as cardiovascular problem and diabetes.

Women waist size more than 35 inches and men above 40 inches are at high risk and said to be obese.



One can control or treat obesity by maintaining a proper healthy diet. People must say no to fast food, soda, sugary drinks, alcohol and must reduce their routine intake of food.

Swiping unhealthy foods to healthy foods gives the best result to treat obesity.


Physical activity helps people in spending their energy, therefore, help people to manage their energy balance.

It also helps in reducing the weight of obese people with maintaining a proper diet. Moreover, abdominal, waist and total body fat can be reduced by physical exercise.


One can reduce weight by changing their way of living/ lifestyle, therefore, one must maintain the regular diet by controlled kilojoule diet with physical activity. 


There are a lot of medicines available but until and unless a person controls his diet with some medicines does not work.

Secondly, these medicines may cause side effects which may cause severe reactions in the body.


Bariatric surgery 

It is a type of surgery which induces several types of operations which helps to reduce our body weight by changing the digestive system mechanism.

This surgery is performed when a person is suffering from an extreme problem of obesity and unable to lose weight.


Here is the link is given below to calculate BODY MASS INDEX


Another link which redirects you to calculate calories in the body






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