Obesity in India

Obesity in India


India stands in the third position of obese people and first place is occupied by the USA. Now the obesity in India current scenario is changing in India because research says 1 out of 5 adults suffers from obesity.

The link below directs you to gain basic information about obesity, causes treatment and diagnosis,


Abnormal accumulation of excessive fat in the body that causes high risk to health termed as overweight/obesity.


Obesity usually represented by calculating body mass index (BMI) and if the value is 30 or more then it is considered as obese likewise, BMI value more than 25 is considered as overweight. One can calculate their body mass index clicking on this link provided below,


Major risk factors caused along with obesity like cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer etc. According to 2017 survey, obesity problems are increasing in middle and low-income countries.


Dietary habits

Luxurious life with all fast foods, sugar, junk food outlets causes obese.

Junk food
Foods causing obesity

Less physical activities

Busy life with care facilities, mobile, technologies made people lazy causing an increase in indoor games than outdoor thus no physical exercise to the body.

New technologies

Children these days completely into video games, computer or mobile, therefore, they lack in physical activities and finally causing obesity in childhood itself.

new technologies
Technology is a helpful servant but harmful master.

Wrong parental approach

Wrong parental approach to children may cause children habituated to fast food. Neglecting a child becomes a big issue for this.

Socioeconomic status of obesity in India

Socioeconomic status reveals that in countries with higher-income may be into healthy activity, food, and physical activity.

Countries with lower-income consume food with high calories hence, obese people count is more.

Other causes include academics, working position of parents etc


There are mainly 2 types of obesity in India

  1. Apple shaped
  2. Pear-shaped.

Apple shaped obesity (abdominal obesity in India) mainly seen in men causes excess fat accumulation in the abdomen.

Pear-shaped obesity is commonly seen in women causing excess fat in thighs and buttocks.


Obesity in India differs from other countries, therefore, In India obesity is marked as ‘Thin-Fat Indian Phenotype’. In India, a higher proportion of body fat found in the abdomen, visceral fat.

Obesity level in India has crossed its limit. World Obesity Federation released data to solve the problem of obesity, further it shows the percentage of obese adults – 5% by 2025, from 3.7% in 2014.

Firstly India still a developing country and people in some region suffer from poverty and disease.

Secondly, India is rapidly rising in terms of global force hence causing huge wealth.

India is growing in terms of changing food styles, air-conditioned places, lifestyles, junk food stores, big malls, and because of this obesity is seen in children too.

fast food
These fast foods must not be our last food.

This problem occurs frequently because the Obesity Foundation Of India also complains that the advertisements which promoted in the television also include unhealthy food, junk foods, bad eating habits. Studies reported that children and adults consuming soda and sugary items increased to 300% in the last 20 years.

Obesity growth in India: Problem is arising in villages too, 4 out of 5 Indians still suffer it’s not just affecting in urban places.

Good transportation, hi-tech facilities and improved level of living all these finally led people to lack physical activity and addict to fast food. An Indian Journal stated that the problem in rural areas is tremendously increased from 2% in 1989 to 17.1% in 2012.

A number of patients undergone bariatric surgery in 2001 were four or five but this number gradually increased to 30,000 in 2012.

India by 2025, own a title of diabetic capital of the world which caused due to the obesity problem.


The present investigation shows obesity and overweight in adults and children increasing not only in higher income group but also in the lower income group too. This results put forward for consideration that there must be a balanced diet which is economic and healthy nutrition to effectively improve the health conditions in India. The main goal is the prevention of obesity in India by overcoming all the problems because obesity is a silent killer in India.





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