Keto Crotch

Keto crotch defines to a temporary variation in the vaginal odor in women on keto-diet. Basically, it’s neither negative nor positive. Keto diet plays a very great role in patients to achieve a metabolic healthy lifestyle. Helped in reverse their body’s metabolic syndrome, chronic pain, type 2 diabetes, etc. Keto diet is basically a low-carbohydrate diet also known as ketosis, a state of the body burning fat but not carbohydrates.

Research showed that there is a high risk of getting Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) from the diet which is high in dietary fat. A ketogenic diet includes eating very less amount of carbohydrates, a moderate/medium range of proteins and a high amount of fat. Fats can be up to 55-60% of all consumed macronutrients on a true ketogenic diet. Also, there are other significant factors in our lifestyle that can influence exposure to BV (can be a number of condom use and sexual partners). But trusting that the high-fat ketogenic diet is the causal factor for the increase in vaginal infection is also wrong.   

Vaginal infections are not easy to get rid of. These infections are definitely not the end of life but also not that thing who would want. Better is to consult a healthcare provider or a gynecologist if you are following a ketogenic diet and facing any vaginal infections than normal. Infections determined easily if caused by other factors or diet.

Keto diet

Everyone cannot be on a keto diet even though many reasons found which attracts people to follow the keto diet. This diet containing so many limitations must remain monitored medically by a doctor. Once after adopting the keto diet, other painful side effects such as keto flu, dehydration, kidney problems seen often in people, beyond keto crotch. But people find it effective for losing weight.  The relationship to food harmed because some important macronutrients prohibited in the diet.

pH and Keto crotch

pH means the potential of hydrogen. The pH scale is from zero to fourteen for measuring the amount of alkaline and acid of any substance. pH value less than 7 is acidic and more than 7 is considered as basic.

Vaginal health determined by the pH value. Diet with high-fat, like the ketogenic diet, increases the risk of BV because of an increase in vaginal pH. Therefore, pH maintained in a moderate acidic level. 

After menopause and before menstruation, pH higher than 4.5 considered as healthy. The vaginal environment is protective in acidic level. This acidic level acts as a barrier from causing infection or multiplying of unhealthy yeast and bacteria.

pH level above 4.5 can cause high bacterial infections and growth because it is prone to it. Luckily, keto crotch can be cured, sometimes it goes away on its own. 

Mistakes causing Keto crotch and methods to avoid

  • Vaginal pH

Diet containing less alkaline foods can throw off vaginal pH. The pH of a healthy vagina is 3.5-4.5 pH. Acidic spectrum helps in preventing certain microorganism growth. Staying for a long time in ketosis, vaginal pH altered from the food consumed and ketones generated. Thus, pH becomes alkaline which allows overgrowth of bacteria. This overgrowth called as BV. Characterized by discharge and strong fishy odor in vagina termed as “Keto crotch”. There are other side effects from this diet like keto flu produces general discomfort, nausea and headaches.

Keto-diet and Keto crotch


In a keto diet, avoid consuming more of alkaline foods that can help in bringing back to ideal acidic pH level simultaneously getting back the body’s ideal alkaline pH of 7.3-7.45. Alkaline or acid level tested from the urine samples. Alkaline-keto-style diet can be another option also called a Keto-Green diet (keto diet with adding more alkaline foods).

Alkaline foods such as leafy greens, non starchy vegetables like sprouts, cabbage and broccoli; plant-based fats like olive oil, coconut oil and avocados and even some fruits. Alkaline keto diet usually focuses on acidic foods consumption, but animal-based fats can increase BV.

  • Gut population with no good bacteria

The research suggested that the composition of the gut can go worse due to intake of a high-fat diet that is poorly formulated. Intestine microbes can act as a reservoir for vaginal microbial growth. Healthy balanced gut indicates healthy and balanced vaginal health too and chances of experiencing Keto crotch is less.


Include prebiotics in the form of fiber-rich foods, leeks, onions and garlic. Also, include probiotic foods like yogurt. Moreover, these foods are very supportive in maintaining a healthy immune function, gut health and vaginal pH.

  • Other important actions

  1. No need of cleansing.
  2. Naturally, available coconut oil used topically.
  3. Testing urinary pH.
  4. Consult gynecologist or physician.



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