Keto Coffee

Keto Coffee described as blend of organic, keto-friendly MCT/grass-fed butter and high-quality black coffee. With less amount of carbohydrates and large amount of caffeine and fat, this mixture helps in stabilising sugar level in blood, improving mental clarity, cognitive function and providing large amount of energy.

Keto Coffee

Working of Keto Coffee

Consuming keto coffee combines the powers of MCT oil and grass-fed butter with coffee bean for high-performance, high-fat and super-charged latte.

On the other hand, black coffee consists of number of micronutrients like niacin or vitamin B3 and potassium. Niacin is very essential for proper functioning of the nervous system, healthy bones and blood cells production.

Furthermore, studies show that intake of coffee can reduce the risk of liver disease, Parkinson’s and type 2 diabetes. Caffeine being the active ingredient in coffee therefore, keeps the body alert, promotes burning of fat and enhances metabolism.

Keto coffee works on the principle that high fat consumption diet leads to reach ketosis faster. Metabolic state when body starts burning fats for energy called Ketosis. The goal is to lose weight as early as possible.

Moreover, keto coffee is healthier than regular breakfast, and calories also match. Usually used in intermittent fasting. Keto coffee provides plenty of energy during the morning fasting hours.

Try Keto-coffee

Black coffee with unsweetened nut-milk or low-fat milk is the best for people looking to lose some weight. However, if strict diet followed Keto coffee can do good to the body.

Also, if properly consumed, fat-rich keto coffee helps in reaching deeper level ketosis and help in boosting their fat consumption. Good to add MCT oil, butter or coconut oil in coffee.

Even though coconut oil and butter known as saturated fat but they are still included in dietary guidelines so that optimum health is maintained due to limited saturated fat consumption.

Irrespective of how much keto-coffee consumed, it takes time for a dieter to reach ketosis. But it differs from person to person depending on:

  • Strictness in ketogenic diet
  • Fitness level
  • Genes
  • Physical activity

Benefits of Ketogenic Coffee

1. Helps in weight loss

Firstly, keto coffee helps in losing weight by overpowering appetite. In healthy fats keto coffee is dense. For a longer time, it makes feel full. The fatty acids further broken into ketone bodies with the help of keto-coffee body will adjust on Ketogenic diet easily.

Therefore, these molecules help body to gain energy than getting energy from glucose. In glucose absence body utilizes stored fat for energy further, providing instantaneous satiation and eliminating all the cravings.

2. Energy Booster

A day can start as energetic as possible by consuming keto coffee every morning. This coffee carries enough calories and fats a large part of your day is. The caffeine amount in a cup of coffee helps in stimulating the body and mind.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Action

It is always necessary to mind the type of coffee being consumed daily, preferably organic. In organic coffee usually, there is absence of pesticides residuals and preservatives. Likewise, butter used is organic and all-natural. Mostly, omega-3-fatty acids, grass-fed butter completely beneficial with anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Promotes better digestion

Coconut oil, the natural laxative present in keto coffee. Consuming keto coffee directly improves gut health and lubricates digestive system. Moreover, coconut oil has other properties like antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial.

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee, a mixture of brewed Coffee Beans (upgraded), brain octane oil (upgraded XCT oil) and grass-fed butter. Addition of upgraded XCT oil will help in formation of ketones.

However, depending on our caffeine tolerance bulletproof coffee consumed in the morning as much as you can. Nothing eaten except 500ml or less of bulletproof coffee. Before 2 pm another cup of coffee acceptable if hunger is uncontrollable. To sleep well coffee not consumed after 2 pm.

Moreover, one should always drink lots of water with pink Himalayan salt a pinch. Green tea is an alternate option if one hates caffeine or coffee. Also, can try butter sprinkled with Himalayan salt. Say no to carbs and proteins. For about 5 to 6 days follow this and then one can have a food day.

Further, losing fat in this process feels much better than low-fat diet. The person might feel very energetic at normal levels. If required Betaine HCL capsule taken with coffee which helps in emulsify and digest the fat consumed.

Intake of supplements is not optional. Coconut charcoal (upgraded), Glutathione force and amino acids (branched chain) are supplements usually taken by everyone.

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