Homeopathic remedies for scabies

What is scabies?

Scabies is a skin disease. It is caused by tiny mites known as Sarcoptes scabies. A small itchy pimple-like rash develops on the surface of the skin. The tiny mites burrow into the skin where they lay eggs and reproduce over a span of few weeks. It is a contagious disease and can easily spread from one person to another. The disease mainly spreads through shared clothing or bedding. Homeopathy is a safe and natural system that helps in treating scabies effectively. Homeopathic remedies for scabies boost up the immune system and help to fight scabies.

Scabies symptoms

The scabies symptoms may not occur for a few weeks. But, if a person gets attacked repeatedly the symptoms may develop.

  • The most common symptom of scabies is an intensely itching rash.
  • The itching becomes severe at night and can affect any part of the body.
  • The most common parts of the body that get affected include axillae, genital area, buttocks, and breasts.

Homeopathic remedies for scabies

Homeopathy is a wonderful science.  it is a safe and natural system of medicine. It helps in boosting up the healing system of the body. Homeopathic remedies for scabies help to treat the disease from the root and prevent recurrence of the symptoms. Important medicines are:

1. Sulphur

It is one of the best medicines. It gives quick relief from the symptoms such as itching, scratching, and redness.  This medicine is suitable for people who have unhealthy looking skin. It also gives relief from pimply eruptions quickly.

2. Causticum

It is another effective medicine. This is suitable for the cases when eruptions occur in the folds of the skin such as between the thighs and elbows. It also gives quick relief from intense itching and scratching. This medicine provides quick relief from soreness and burning of the skin.

3. Sepia

It is another topmost medicine. This is suitable when people suffer from a lot of itching all over the body. It gives relief from itching and soreness of the skin. It is mainly suitable for women who suffer from scabies around genitals.

4. Arsenic Album

It is an excellent medicine because it gives relief from violent itching. This is effective in cases who suffer from scabies for a long period of time. It is suitable for people who have dry, rough, scaly, and dirty skin. It will give relief from burning and itching that occur especially at night. This is suitable for people who are not able to sleep due to violent itching.

5. Kali Sulphuricum

It is also considered as one of the most useful medicines. This is useful for people who have dry and harsh skin. It also gives relief from itching and burning. It helps in removing the scabs that are formed due to a skin infection.

6. Psorinum

It is another best remedy for scabies. It shows remarkable results in people who have unhealthy skin. This also gives quick relief from the itching that becomes worse at night. It gives relief from the burning of the skin. It is an excellent remedy for treating scabies with dirty, rough, and dry skin.


In conclusion, homeopathy helps in the treatment of scabies without producing any side effects. Consult with a homeopathic doctor for getting the right treatment.

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