Homeopathic remedies for Gout

What is Gout?

Gout is a condition in which inflammation and swelling of the joints occur. It is a form of arthritis. In gout, usually small joints become red, swollen, and painful.  It is usually caused by increased levels of uric acid in the blood.  An attack of gout occurs suddenly. In modern medicine, doctors recommended anti-inflammatory medicines and painkillers. Such medicines provide temporary relief. Homeopathic remedies for gout provide long-lasting results and help in reducing the pain and swelling quickly. In addition, homeopathic medicines are safe and effective.

Gout Causes

Important causes of gout are:

  • Inflammation of the soft tissues of the joint and cartilage can cause pain and swelling of the affected joint.
  • Uric acid gets deposited in the soft tissues. As a result, crystals are formed that may cause damage to the cartilage of the joint which causes pain and stiffness of the joint.

Risk factors for Gout

There are some medical conditions that can increase the risk of developing the symptoms of gout. The risk factors are:

  • High blood pressure
  • High blood sugar
  • Kidney disease
  • High levels of fat in the blood
  • Drinking excess of alcohol and sugary drinks
  • Eating excess of red meat and seafood such as shellfish and oily fish
  • Family history of gout

Gout symptoms

Important symptoms of gout are:

  • Pain, swelling, and tenderness of the affected joint
  • The pain starts suddenly during the night
  • The affected joint becomes red
  • Movement of the joint also becomes limited
  • Itching and burning around the affected joint
  • Nodules appear on the affected joint that feels tender and painful

Homeopathic remedies for Gout

Homeopathic remedies for gout provide relief to all those who suffer from gout. The medicines work on the root cause and prevent recurrent attacks of gout. Thus, homeopathic medicines provide a safe and effective treatment for gout. Important homeopathic remedies are:

1. Colchicum

It is the main medicine for gout. It is an effective remedy because it reduces the pain and tenderness of the joint.  This also helps in reducing the weakness of the affected joint.

2. Ledum Pal

This is another medicine useful for people who suffer from extreme pain in the upper parts of the body. It gives immediate relief from the pain. This medicine is suitable when small joints are involved. It also helps in reducing swelling of the joints.

3. Benzoic acid

It is another effective medicine for gout. This medicine is useful for people who suffer from the pain in the knees and big toe. It helps in reducing swelling and pain in the knees and big toe. Thus, it also increases the strength of the joints.

4. Antimonium Crudum

This is another efficient medicine that helps in treating gout. It helps in reducing the inflammation and pain in the joints. It is suitable for people who suffer from gout due to the increased weight of the body. This medicine helps in reducing the pain in the heels and fingers.  It is useful when problems occur due to overeating.

5. Sabina

Lastly, this homeopathic medicine helps in treating gout in women. It is useful when women also suffer from uterine symptoms along with gout. It helps in reducing the pain in the toes and heels. This medicine also reduces swelling, redness, and inflammation of the joints.


In conclusion, homeopathic remedies for gout can help in reducing the symptoms and preventing recurrent episodes of pain. Therefore, you should consult a homeopathic doctor for getting the right treatment. Above all, homeopathy gives safe treatment for gout.


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