Health benefits- Amla- Indian Gooseberry

Health Benefits of Amla- Indian Gooseberry

Amla is known as Indian gooseberry in a local language. It has many nutrients due to which it becomes a popular ingredient in preparing the Ayurvedic medicines. This fruit is a rich source of vitamin C and other nutrients. It boosts your immune system naturally and has other health benefits.

Amla Juice delays aging

First of all, amla is a rich source of anti-oxidants due to which it delays the signs of aging. It prevents cell damage and reduces the effect of free radicals. Therefore, amla juice delays aging naturally if consumed daily.

Effective for treating a sore throat

Are you suffering from a sore throat for a very long time? You should try amla powder mixed with one teaspoon of honey two or three times a day. It will give you quick relief from a sore throat. Thus, it is an effective remedy for treating a sore throat.

Reduces the risk of heart diseases

Hearts diseases are common. Indian gooseberry or amla is an effective remedy for heart diseases. It reduces the risk of heart diseases. Amla juice prevents the build-up of bad cholesterol. Mix one teaspoon of amla juice with one teaspoon of honey. Take this daily two or three time a day.

Helps in reducing weight

Another benefits of amla is that it helps in reducing weight. It helps in losing weight by increasing your metabolic rate because boosting up of metabolic rate helps in losing weight. It also increases energy level and lean body mass.

Boosts immune system

Amla is rich in anti-oxidants, thus helps to boost up the immune system. It consists of tannins which combine with polyphenols. It makes amla a protective fruit against the damage produced by the free radicals. Thus, it helps in improving your ability to fight against infectious diseases.

Gives glowing skin

Amla powder has many health benefits. You can make a paste by adding amla powder and milk. Apply the paste on your face and wash after half an hour. It will make your skin glowing naturally. It makes your skin smooth and youthful. It removes dead skin cells.

Improves liver health

Amla is a wonderful fruit to improve liver health.  It helps in preventing jaundice because it has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, helps in preventing infections of the liver. It can be consumed as amla juice in the liquid form.

Improves digestive system functioning

The fruit helps in improving the function of your digestive system. Amla fruit has high fibre content and water, therefore, it helps in getting rid of constipation. Amla juice also increases the secretion of gastric juices to improve digestion and absorption of the food. Thus, it is a wonderful fruit for the complete digestive system.

Finally, you can consume amla in different forms. You can mix amla juice with orange juice or other fruit juice and consume it daily. Take it in the powder form. Mix amla powder with honey to make a paste and consume it daily. You can also sprinkle amla powder on your food.


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