Seven Proven Benefits of CoQ10

CoQ10 is a naturally occurring coenzyme in the human body. It is a kind of nutrient which plays a crucial role in metabolic activity. This coenzyme also prevent damages to the cell. It acts as an antioxidant which can increase the absorption of other essential nutrients. CoQ10  is an essential element that is required by every single cell of the body. It has the ability to improve various health conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, migraine, Alzheimer’s etc and can save the countless lives which are in danger because of such chronic diseases.

CoQ10 is present in various organs within the body such as heart, liver, kidney and pancreas. The Human body has the ability to create it but this ability declines with the age. The level of CoQ10 starts decreasing as a person matures.

As its name suggests it is a coenzyme, therefore it enhances the work of other enzymes to digest food properly. It also plays a vital role in the process of sustaining energy through the mitochondria as its presence is required for converting the fat and other nutrients into useable source of energy.

CoQ10 is necessary for cells to function properly. Many of the research studies has proved that it is very beneficial for the human body as it can treat a number of conditions and helps in recovery from them. Let us have a look on seven proven benefits of CoQ10.

1. Parkinson’s disease

It is a neurodegenerative disorder and occurs when the brain loses its capacity to control motor functions. It is a common ageing related disorder that impacts the lives of countless patients.

How CoQ10 helps in treating Parkinson’s disease?

CoQ10 may slow the progression of this disease. As this affects generally old people who no longer can synthesize this coenzyme. Therefore, these people can be provided with CoQ10 supplements.

Taking a CoQ10 supplement may improve their condition and can slow the progression of a disease. According to 2007 experimental preclinical study, CoQ10 may protect against the neuronal damage that is produced by Parkinson’s disease.

A 16 months clinical trial on 80 subjects (patients) with mild Parkinson’s disease also found a significant benefit of this enzyme in slowing functional degradation of neurons. Data generated from this study suggest that patients suffering from mild Parkinson’s disease can be provided with an oral dose 1200mg/day of CoQ10 to protect them from further neural damage. This seems to be safe and well tolerated by the patients

2. Migraine

It is a neurologic condition in which a person suffers from a recurring pain on one side of the head. Its symptoms may vary from person to person.

Proven benefit of CoQ10 in treating migraine

It is believed that taking CoQ10 supplements can reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.

The first study found a 50% reduction in the number of days when the patients had the migraine attacks. A dose of 150mg of CoQ10 is provided daily for a period of three months. In this study, 31 patients were considered and no side effects were noticed.

According to 2005 clinical study, it was observed that CoQ10 was superior to placebo (an inert substance) for reducing the frequency of migraine attacks and maintaining headaches caused by the migraine prophylaxis.

This trial was conducted over 42 migraine patients. A dose of 300mg/day was provided to them. It was concluded that CoQ10 is safe, effective and well tolerated by the patients suffering from migraine and can improve their condition.

Later studies on this coenzyme suggest that it is extremely effective in children and young adults suffering from migraines. This study also provides an additional information that most of the migraine sufferers has lack of CoQ10 in their body. If they are provided with its supplement than there would be fewer chances of disabilities due to a migraine. The frequency of getting migraine attacks also decreases.

3. Alzheimer’s disease

It is the most common form of memory loss. In this condition, a person loses his/her ability to memorize things. This condition can interferes with his/her daily tasks performance. It may develop for several reasons such as ageing, genetics and oxidative stress on the brain.

Proven benefits of CoQ10 in treating Alzheimer’s disease.

In 2008, one article was published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s disease. It indicates a clear evidence that this condition is caused due to the oxidative damage that is associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. According to this article, CoQ10 at a dose of 65 mg/day can significantly suppress brain protein carbonyl level which is responsible for oxidative damage.

A 2014 study on transgenic mice has revealed that CoQ10 supplements can modulate the changes in the serum protein. It can improve the condition of Alzheimer’s. Data generated from this study also suggest that CoQ10 supplements help in relieving the oxidative stress on a brain related Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Mental health

Mental health can be defined as a state of psychological and emotional well-being. This helps a person to lead his life fruitfully. It enables a person to work efficiently. But various factors can affects a person’s life and one may suffer from mental disorders.

How CoQ10 helps in treating mental disorders?

It is believed that CoQ10 can help in treating the symptoms of various mental disorders such as schizophrenia, major depression and bipolar disorder. These disorders are associated with an increase in the level of brain oxidative stress. This coenzyme is well known for its capacity to decrease oxidative stress on the brain.

One clinical study provides the evidence that people suffering from bipolar disorder experienced a significant reduction in symptoms once they started taking 1200mg of CoQ10 per day.

It was also suggested that taking these supplements can enhance the actions of antidepressants. It can increase their effectiveness and reverse the symptoms of these mental disorders.

5. Lung health

Lungs are the major organ of a human body and it is highly associated with oxygen. This makes them more prone to oxidative damage.  As lungs are vulnerable to this damage because of their function of inhaling air. It makes them more susceptible to major lung disease such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (it is a group of lung disease that blocks the air passage and causes difficulty in breathing).

Proven benefit of CoQ10 in treating lung conditions like – Asthma

After a lot of research studies, researchers have noticed that people with the decreased level of CoQ10 are at the highest risk of suffering from asthma and damage to their lungs.

A 2005 research study has demonstrated that CoQ10 supplements reduce the dosage of corticosteroids in the asthmatic patients that they had to take each day and improves the exercise performance.

6. Heart conditions

It protects against the heart disease because the high concentration of this enzyme is found in the heart muscle cells. Most of the heart conditions arises because of lack of this enzyme.

Proven benefit of CoQ10 in treating heart conditions

According to a long term study on the usefulness of CoQ10 in clinical cardiology in 1994. It was noticed that there is a statistically significant improvement in myocardial function after administering CoQ10 supplements to 424 patients with various forms of cardiovascular disorders.

Patients were categorized into 6 diagnostic categories on the basis of different cardiovascular disorders. It was observed that out of 424 patients, 58% improved to the larger extent, 28% improved to the middle extent and 1.2% to the lower extent.

During this study, it was demonstrated that overall medications requirements dropped by 43% and only 6% patients required additional drugs. This study has suggested that CoQ10 is safe and effective. It can be used to treat various cardiovascular disorders. This coenzyme also simplifies the medical and financial burden of multistage therapy.

According to a 2011 trial of 117 patients, CoQ10 can be given along with the combination of nutrient to the patients who have gone through the bypass and heart valve surgeries as it is associated with quicker recovery after these surgeries.

A 2013 meta-analysis also found a direct link of taking CoQ10 and improved heart conditions.

7. Muscle weakness from statins

Statins are the cholesterol-lowering agents. They are used by the hyperlipidemic patients (patients having deposition of lipids on their blood vessels) to decrease the level of low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol).

Statins are highly effective for treating this condition but they have one adverse effect that is myopathy (muscle weakness).

How CoQ10 works in reducing myopathy?

CoQ10 has the ability to provide relief from the muscular pain and weakness caused because of the use of statins. As statins not only decreases the cholesterol level in the body but the levels of this coenzyme in the liver also, therefore CoQ10 supplements can help in avoiding such condition.

A 2006 study suggests that statin users suffering from muscle pain and weakness observed with the improvement in symptoms by 40% after taking only 100mg of CoQ10 a day for up to 30 days.

Another study in 2010 demonstrated that CoQ10 may help in easing the myopathy sometimes associated with using statins.

In 2012 one more clinical study was conducted. The main objective was to  demonstrate the effect of CoQ10 in 28 patients with statin-induced myopathy. It was documented that pain decreased on an average by 53.8%, muscle weakness by 44.4% and the level of this coenzyme get increased by more than 194%.

Above mentioned are the major proven benefits of this coenzyme. However it has a lot more benefits but its properties can be used to control above mentioned conditions. It can improve the lifestyle of countless people. It can also be marked as a life saver in life-threatening conditions.


This is a naturally occurring coenzyme. It has the powerful antioxidant properties. It can increase the absorption of other essential nutrients. The level of CoQ10 decreases in the body with the age and hence human body is at the highest risk of getting damage after 40. Most of the research studies have proved that by taking its supplement many of the conditions can be avoided and enhance the way of living.



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