Tips on how to improve Gut health

A healthy gut is the door to a healthy human body. It is an obvious fact that if the input is right, output is not going to be far away from being right either. But how many of us actually realise that what we are taking as food determines what and how we perform in […]

Keto Diet for Vegetarian

Finding difficult to follow keto diet? But why? It might be because you are a vegetarian or vegan or you are not able to find different food options. Don’t worry. It happens. Here is a complete guide of keto diet for vegetarian. It also includes keto food list and some recipes that can be easily […]

Sedentary Lifestyle- Effects and Management

Do you have a sedentary lifestyle? What are the bad effects and how best to manage them! Modern-day improvements in transportation’s, food varieties, entertainments all considered essentials for survival, have pushed humans into a “sedentary mode”. A sedentary lifestyle is not just a choice of lifestyle for many but the mode of survival. True the […]

Body Cleanse

Want to get rid of diabetes, blood pressure, back pain, joint pain, kidney stone, acne etc.? Also, want to have glowing skin and even loose excess weight? Then you are at the right place. Body cleanse is one of the best and popular way of doing so. But first let’s clarify what this term means. […]

Vitamin D – The Sunshine Vitamin

Hello sunshine, Seeing the sun shining up in the sky brightens up our day. Isn’t it? Its warmth hold us and make us feel happy. Getting a dose of vitamin D free of cost from nature seems very peaceful. Yes,it is true. You can make your own vitamin D (a fat soluble vitamin). It can […]

Nutrition for pregnancy

Hey,Congratulation!! Yes,you. Luckiest one! You are blessed with a beautiful thought from god. Planning for a little angel?That’s Great! Worried or Excited? Well! pregnancy brings a new concept of beauty.It’s a period of immense joy and excitement. A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty. But now, it’s a […]

Keto Diet

What is Keto diet? A keto or ketogenic diet is a very low carbohydrate, high fat and moderate protein diet. It helps you in loosing weight, balancing blood sugar and cholesterol levels and also reduces the risk of heart diseases. This is so because it increases the efficiency of burning fat in the body. Low […]

Diet in Underweight

Half of the Indian rural population is underweight with up to three-quarter being so classified in lower groups. A very large population of rural Indian households have inadequate food supplies. Energy deficiency is due to long term food deficiency. So, first of all, it is necessary to take proper diet in underweight.   Introduction Underweight […]

Nutritional labeling – Follow a healthy life

People look at food label for different reasons. However, many consumers would like to know about nutrition facts to follow a healthy life. Hence, nutritional labeling of food has become very important. It is not simply because the consumer has right to know what is in food, but also helps them in making proper dietary […]

Diet in Obesity

Introduction to Obesity It is a condition in which person accumulates excess body fat. A person is obese if his/her weight is at least 20% more than it should be. It occurs when the intake of calories is more than used. Intake of proper diet in obesity is required to maintain body weight. Also, it […]