Treatment of Migraines with the help of homeopathy

Migraine is a type of headache. It causes severe pain in the head either on one side or in the entire head. Many people believe that the migraine headache is always one-sided. It is a misconception as some people feel pain on one side and others in the whole of the head. Conventional treatment relies […]

Phosphorus- Homeopathic remedy, indications

Phosphorus is an important homeopathic remedy. Homeopathic doctors use phosphorus for the treatment of various health problems such as head problems, eye problems, digestive problems, respiratory problems and extremities problems. Indications for Phosphorus Homeopathic doctors give phosphorus in the following conditions: Inflammation of the mucous membranes such as the respiratory and digestive system It is […]

Euphrasia Officinalis, a homeopathic remedy, benefits, indications

Euphrasia Officinalis is a homeopathic remedy. It is  mainly useful for the treatment of eye diseases. It is a popular eye medicine. Euphrasia Officinalis is the botanical name of the plant known as Eyebright, therefore it is a popular medicine useful for eye problems. It is also useful for the treatment of digestive diseases and […]

Dulcamara- Homeopathic medicine, facts, benefits

In Homeopathy, many medicinal plants are used for the treatment of different diseases. Dulcamara is an important homeopathic medicine. It is prepared from a bittersweet plant also known as bitter nightshade. It helps in the treatment of different diseases such as skin problems, respiratory problems, arthritis, head and facial pain, and diarrhea. Facts of Homeopathic […]

Arum Triphyllum-Homeopathic remedy, Uses

Arum Triphyllum is a homeopathic remedy. It is used for the treatment of different symptoms such as mental symptoms, headache, mouth symptoms, nasal symptoms, respiratory symptoms, abdomen symptoms, skin symptoms, and urinary symptoms. It is prepared from Indian turnip. Uses of Arum Triphyllum Arum Triphyllum is useful for the treatment of following symptoms: Mental symptoms: […]

Arsenic Album- Homeopathic medicine, uses, benefits

Arsenic album is a wonderful homeopathic medicine. It has different uses. It is indicated for every organ and system in the body. The medicine has several benefits; therefore it is used successfully by the homeopathic doctors. It is used for gastric complaints, respiratory allergies, weakness, food poisoning, skin complaints, and headaches. Arsenic Album- uses, benefits […]

Allium Cepa- Onion, Homeopathy medicine, Uses

Allium Cepa is a homeopathic medicine. It helps in the treatment of respiratory symptoms such as cold, cough, allergies, etc. It is commonly known as onion. Onion is an important ingredient. People use it in homes because it consists of different compounds.  Therefore, it has a high therapeutic value. A homeopathic doctor uses it for […]

Cure allergy with Homeopathy

People all over the globe suffer from different types of allergies. There are many allergens such as pollen from grass, weeds, dust, molds, and dander of pets. Such allergens can trigger the symptoms of allergy such as sneezing, watery discharge from the nose and eyes, etc. People take anti-allergic medications that provide a temporary relief. […]