Keto Coffee

Keto Coffee described as blend of organic, keto-friendly MCT/grass-fed butter and high-quality black coffee. With less amount of carbohydrates and large amount of caffeine and fat, this mixture helps in stabilising sugar level in blood, improving mental clarity, cognitive function and providing large amount of energy. Working of Keto Coffee Consuming keto coffee combines the powers […]

Saturated Fat

Saturated fats are the fat molecules which are saturated with hydrogen molecules having no double bonds between the carbon molecules. Further at room temperature saturated fats are solid. Saturated fats and health Moreover when foods replaced by saturated fat foods with healthier options it can improve the lipid profiles. Also lower the blood cholesterol levels. […]

Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome

Obesity hypoventilation syndrome is a state where obese people fail to breathe deeply enough or rapidly enough. This results in high carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the blood and low oxygen (02) levels in the blood. It is also called as Pickwickian syndrome. Most of the people suffering from this syndrome usually stop breathing for […]

7 Techniques To Burn Fat in a Rapid Way

There are countless diet plans, meal replacements, supplements, rapid way to burn fat and all of them lack in showing scientific evidence. But, there are strategies available having an impact on managing weight. Examples for strategies include intermittent fasting, maintaining calorie intake, reduce carbohydrate intake and exercise. There is a lot of misunderstanding about burning […]

Sedentary Lifestyle- Effects and Management

Do you have a sedentary lifestyle? What are the bad effects and how best to manage them! Modern-day improvements in transportation’s, food varieties, entertainments all considered essentials for survival, have pushed humans into a “sedentary mode”. A sedentary lifestyle is not just a choice of lifestyle for many but the mode of survival. True the […]

Childhood obesity

Childhood obesity is a life-threatening condition which affects from childhood to adolescents. When the weight for a particular age and height crossed then the child/adult considered as obese. INTRODUCTION TO CHILDHOOD OBESITY Obesity in childhood has come to epidemic stage both in developing and developed countries. It has a remarkable effect on psychological and physical […]

Obesity in India

INTRODUCTION TO OBESITY IN INDIAN SCENARIO India stands in the third position of obese people and first place is occupied by the USA. Now the obesity in India current scenario is changing in India because research says 1 out of 5 adults suffers from obesity. The link below directs you to gain basic information about […]

Omega-6 fatty acids (ω-6-fatty acids or n-6 fatty acids)

When we pronounce omega 6 fatty acid, many people think it contains fat. People don’t want to eat fatty as it increases the body weight. In this 21st century, all are concerned about their health, body, and brain. Healthy people generally avoid fats and carbohydrates in their diet. As they grow old, they suffer from […]