Coronavirus and Asthma

Coronavirus is a type of virus found in animals but can spread to human beings. In 2019 December, an illness known as COVID-19 started spreading. It is caused by the SARC-CoV-2 virus. Few experts say that this virus was caught by live animals and fish in the market. Now it has started spreading rapidly from […]

How to boost immune system

Boosting our body immune system means body fighting against illness. It is easier to boost immunity by changing our lifestyle and several dietary activities that can help fight disease-causing organism or harmful pathogens. It strengthens body’s natural defence. 9 ways on how to boost immune system Eating more whole plant foods Whole plant foods such […]

Symptoms of COVID-19

COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease) is an infectious disease which is caused by a new discovered coronavirus. Covid-19 usually consists of experiencing mild to moderate respiratory problems. But, elderly people or those already suffering from medical issues like cancer, chronic respiratory problems, diabetes and cardiovascular disease can develop serious health illness in Coronavirus disease. The correct way […]