Body Cleanse

Want to get rid of diabetes, blood pressure, back pain, joint pain, kidney stone, acne etc.?

Also, want to have glowing skin and even loose excess weight?

Then you are at the right place.

Body cleanse is one of the best and popular way of doing so.

But first let’s clarify what this term means.

What is Body Cleanse?

It’s a method of removing waste out from our body. It focuses on cleaning body internally by natural means.

As you know, we all have natural cleaning system in our body.

But, then why we need this extra cleaning source?

This we can better understand with an example. Suppose, we install a pipeline system in our home and water is flowing through it on daily basis. But, you might have sometime seen that they are clogged.

But why it happens?

This is because the waste is stick to the inner walls of pipelines. This waste cannot be cleaned by regular water flowing through it. We need some other source to clean it.

Same condition is applied to our blood vessels.

And now, before moving ahead let’s understand what happens when food get inside our body.

The food we eat is directly goes to the stomach via mouth. There it is broken down, digested and get out of the body through stools.

But, do you think that every food takes same time to digest?

Of course not?

It is estimated that fruits, vegetables and grains (rice, chapati, bread etc.) take about 3 hours, 6 hours and 18 hours to get out of body.

In other words, foods having low water content take more time to eliminate out of body.

And if we see our daily diet pattern then we keep on overeating before the last meal is digested. This undigested food decays and rots. This grows bacteria, fungus, viruses in the intestine.

Have you heard about worms found in people’s intestine?

What do you think? They have eaten those worms?


Not at all?

This is because of rotten food present in stomach.

Thus, now we can say that our body is constantly working. It does not get much time for healing.


Steps for body cleansing

No disease can survive in a body that is internally clean. What you ate is more important than what you eat. The food you eat much earlier might be sticking today inside your body.

So, it is important to first take out waste and then put in the right stuff.

Therefore, it can be done in two steps –

1) Take out the waste

This is done in 3 steps –

  • Fasting
  1. Now see, it gives your body more time to heal in contrast to working. You should give at least 14 -16 hours for healing. It means that there should be this much of gap in dinner and next day first solid meal. In early morning you can take coconut water or vegetable juice. Try to avoid tea, coffee or fruit juice. This gap can be called the zone of no digestion.
  2. It might sound difficult but it is very easy as most of the time you are sleeping.
  • Cold wet pack
  1. The waste forms thick coating and get hard in the blood vessels.
  2. The best way to circulate this waste is using cold wet packs.

How to apply it?

  1. Take a cotton cloth.
  2. Fold it into a strip.
  3. Dip in cold water, as cold as you can easily bear.
  4. Wrap it around stomach and tuck it in. Note that your naval should be in between the cloth.
  5. Take another two small pieces of cotton cloth and do same with them.
  6. Now, wrap it on forehead and neck region.
  7. Keep it for about for 40 minutes.
  8. You can wear clothes over it and do your work.
  9. Also, you can apply it on anytime even before or after meal.
  • Enema
  1. Water is a universal solvent. It dissolves almost everything in it. It can be either waste or toxins in your body.
  2. So, surely, this will be the effective way of getting rid out of waste.
  3. You can do it by your own using enema pot.
  4. After applying it you fell very good and clean.

2) Take in the right food (body cleanse diet)

  • You should eat foods which directly comes from nature. Eat living foods. It means you have to take fruits, vegetables, coconut oil, olive oil, coconut milk, herbs likeĀ coriander(cilantro), neem etc.
  • It is better to take light meal in night. In other words, avoid grains and take fruits, vegetables and soups.
  • This increases your healing power or healing time.
  • Remember – Avoid those foods to which you are sensitive.


Benefits of body cleanse

It reduces toxic load on body and thus cure diseases. It can lead to –

  • More energy
  • Clear and glowing skin
  • Better sleep
  • Lower inflammation
  • Better digestion
  • Weight loss


Body cleanseĀ home remedy drinkĀ  – Make a mix of apple juice, lemon juice and ginger juice with warm water and drink it. It will act as a magical flush.

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