Arum Triphyllum-Homeopathic remedy, Uses

Homeopathic remedy- Arum Triphyllum

Arum Triphyllum is a homeopathic remedy. It is used for the treatment of different symptoms such as mental symptoms, headache, mouth symptoms, nasal symptoms, respiratory symptoms, abdomen symptoms, skin symptoms, and urinary symptoms. It is prepared from Indian turnip.

Uses of Arum Triphyllum

Arum Triphyllum is useful for the treatment of following symptoms:

Mental symptoms:

The patient is restless and irritable, therefore, he bores his head into the pillow. It relieves delirium in which the person picks lips or nose until it bleeds. The person is absent-minded.


It is a useful homeopathic medicine for a headache. The person bores head into the pillow. It relieves a headache that occurs after drinking coffee. It also relieves a headache in children. The child cries and puts his hands on the back of the head. It is also indicated for a headache that occurs from warm clothing. Head is burning hot.

Mouth symptoms:

Tongue is sore due to elevated red papillae over the tongue. Lips are dry and swollen. The corners of the mouth are cracked, sore, and bleeding. The saliva is acrid. The person cannot drink anything due to soreness of the tongue. It is also indicated for swelling of the submaxillary glands.

Nasal Symptoms:

This homeopathic medicine has marked nasal symptoms. The irritating properties are well marked. It relieves the soreness of the nose. The nose is obstructed therefore, the person has to breathe through the mouth. Fluent and acrid discharges come out from the nose. The person constantly picks the nose until it bleeds.

Respiratory symptoms:

It is an excellent remedy for respiratory symptoms such as hay fever and allergies.  It is well indicated for the clergyman’s sore throat. Hoarseness of the throat that is worse from talking. It is indicated when there is accumulation of mucus in the trachea. A cough hurts the patient. Lungs feel suffocated and sore. There is a raw feeling in the chest. Voice is uncertain. A cough becomes worse after talking and singing. Constant hawking due to a cough.

Abdomen symptoms:

It relieves abdominal symptoms quickly. There is a sensation of emptiness after eating breakfast. Severe pain in the navel region. The pain occurs when the person stands upright or lying on the side. The stool is dark brown, acrid and makes the parts raw and burning. The person suffers from loss of appetite.

Skin symptoms:

It is a useful remedy for skin symptoms because it relieves itching and burning. The most important indication is the rawness of the skin. The surface of the skin appears bloody. It is indicated for erythema of scarlet rash. The skin peels off and there is great itching.

Urinary symptoms:

It relieves the urinary symptoms quickly.  It is indicated for the symptoms such as the frequent discharge of pale urine. There is scanty secretion of urine. There is great burning and irritation while passing urine. A cloudy sediment deposits on the pot after passing urine.

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