Arsenic Album- Homeopathic medicine, uses, benefits

Arsenic album, Homeopathic medicine uses

Arsenic album is a wonderful homeopathic medicine. It has different uses. It is indicated for every organ and system in the body. The medicine has several benefits; therefore it is used successfully by the homeopathic doctors. It is used for gastric complaints, respiratory allergies, weakness, food poisoning, skin complaints, and headaches.

Arsenic Album- uses, benefits

Gastric complaints

First of all, Arsenic album is a useful homeopathic medicine for gastric complaints. It relieves gastric symptoms such as indigestion, nausea, and vomiting. It gives a quick relief from diarrhea. The person has a desire to drink small sips of water at small intervals of time. It is a useful medicine for colitis therefore, it also relieves heartburn and burning in rectum. Gastric complaints aggravate after eating.

Respiratory allergies

Another use of this homeopathic medicine is for respiratory allergies. It gives quick relief from cold and flu. The skin burns around the nostrils. It relieves the symptoms of hay fever. The person may have constant sneezing and a watery discharge from the nose as a result of hay fever. The skin around the nose is red and sore. It gives a quick relief from the symptoms of asthma. The person feels suffocation on lying down.


Debility and weakness are the chief guiding symptoms of this homeopathic medicine. It relieves weakness and tiredness by boosting up energy. There is great exhaustion. It happens when a person suffers from chronic diarrhea. Pulse is rapid.

Food poisoning

Most noteworthy use of arsenic album is for food poisoning because it relieves the symptoms of food poisoning quickly.  The person experiences burning pain in the stomach due to food poisoning. It relieves food poisoning that occurs after eating fruits.  The person may feel nausea immediately after eating the food. There is vomiting of blood, bile, and green mucus.

Skin complaints

Arsenic is an excellent remedy for skin complaints. It is useful for many skin complaints such as psoriasis, dandruff, and eczema. There are great itching and burning of the skin. It also relieves swelling of extremities. The skin is dry and rough.


Arsenic is a popular homeopathic remedy for headaches. It is useful for a one-sided headache. It relieves a headache due to gastric complaints.

In Homeopathy, the smallest dose of the medicine helps to cure an ailment. Maximum dilution and potentization help to enhance the curative properties of a substance. Every homeopathic medicine is selected on the basis of the totality of symptoms. An experienced homeopath can easily match the disease symptoms with the individual remedy.


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