Allium Cepa- Onion, Homeopathy medicine, Uses

Allium cepa or onion helps to cure allergies

Allium Cepa is a homeopathic medicine. It helps in the treatment of respiratory symptoms such as cold, cough, allergies, etc. It is commonly known as onion. Onion is an important ingredient. People use it in homes because it consists of different compounds.  Therefore, it has a high therapeutic value. A homeopathic doctor uses it for the treatment of allergies, respiratory infection, neuritis, fever, and urinary symptoms.

Uses of Allium cepa

Onions have a pungent smell. The chemical substances found in onion irritate the eyes and nose in a healthy person. In Homeopathy, Allium cepa is also used for treating similar conditions such as common cold and flu. The symptoms occur when a person is exposed to cold weather.


Allium cepa is a useful homeopathic medicine for the treatment of allergies. It gives quick relief from profuse watery discharge from eyes and nose. It helps in the treatment of allergies such as allergic rhinitis. The symptoms become worse in the evening. The patient feels better outdoors.  It also relieves a headache due to a cough and cold. This is an excellent remedy for Hay fever.

Respiratory infection

It is an excellent homeopathic medicine for respiratory infections. It relieves stuffy nose and catarrh. The discharge from the nose burns the skin and upper lip. There is violent sneezing. It is a great remedy for all kinds of respiratory infections such as cold, flu and throat infections. It is indicated for a sore throat, bronchitis, and laryngitis.


This homeopathic medicine also helps to get rid of nerve pain. It is indicated when a person feels pain in the nerves. The pain may occur due to injury to the nerve. This remedy helps in the treatment of traumatic neuritis. It helps in healing of the nerve injury, therefore recommended for the people suffering from nerve pains. The pain is piercing and burning  type. The pain shifts from one side to another.


Allium Cepa is also useful for fever. The whole body is hot. The patient will have thirst with fever.  The pulse is full and increased.

Urinary symptoms

Another use of Allium cepa is that it helps in the treatment of urinary symptoms. It is indicated for the weakness of bladder. The color of the urine is red. There is increased urination due to cold. There is burning in the urethra. It is a good homeopathic medicine for old people. It prevents dribbling of urine in old people.

Conclusion: Allium cepa is an effective homeopathic medicine. It is best to consult a homeopathic doctor to find if it is suitable for your symptoms or not.  A qualified homeopathic doctor can judge your symptoms. He can recommend the right homeopathic medicine on the basis of your symptoms.


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